We are Your Creative Fairy

Your Creative Fairy provides a variety of services that will ignite and boost your possibilities and results. Most of all, our team of virtual assistants, web designers, graphic designers, writers, bloggers and more are seasoned professionals who are solely focused on helping you get your job done. So, We provide our customers with solutions and people that will help your business grow at a fraction of the cost of an on-site employee.

At Your Creative Fairy, we are focused on providing professional business to business services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction due to this, we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. We get the job done with faith, trust, & fairy dust! So no need to worry!

Writing Services

Our writing services are here for you. Blogging, Form Creation, Resumes, Proposals. Ghostwriting, and so much more!

Web Design

We provide web design that we guarantee you can afford. We work within your budget building you the site that brands your company or person in the best way!

Business Services

There is something for everyone with our business services. We offer Virtual Assistant Services, Logo Design, Flyer Design, Advertising, Business Filing assistance, and so much more!

Domains, Hosting, SSL, and more

We have even more to offer our customers with domains, business emails, email marketing, search engine visibility, WordPress sites and more! Check it out!

About Us

At our company, we take care of contact management, appointments, travel arrangements, billing (invoicing/collecting), customer care, internet research, social media, online marketing, and much more. We care for your good being and your business' with a goal of creating a solid, long-term, relationship with each of our clients. So, We can also handle your Social Media, SEO and WordPress projects. With a variety of services such as resume writing, blogging, SEO writing, Web design, and so much more! So, We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Tasha and Daniel Lachut are the founders of Your Creative Fairy.

In addition, Tasha runs the majority of the business from her home office. So, She is certified for all activities that their company performs. Also, She is a friendly and down to earth person. As a result, her goal in creating her business is to help others and create more low-cost services. This was to allow the less fortunate the ability to afford services they would otherwise be unable to.

Also, Daniel's goal is similar. However, you are less likely to hear from him directly. In addition, He specializes in maintaining/building websites, writing while overseeing all aspects of media for the company. If there's a problem fixed before you even notice it, it is probably him. Keeping the stress off his customers is his primary goal due to his desire to help.

Why Your Creative Fairy?

When we work for you, you're not just our client, due to this we actually care about your needs.

We want to see your dream come true just as much as you do. So, all of our associates are trained and certified.

Best of all, You Choose Your Budget and Pricing!

Mission Statement

Your Creative Fairy is dedicated to presenting exceptional service that results. As a result, we aim to get extraordinary results for every client. So, we offer a variety of options. These are due to our desire to assist in helping you get the result as perfect as you have imagined it!

Well, In addition, whether it be virtual assistance, resume services, blogging or consulting that you need; Due to this, we customize our packages to your needs. Let us help you so that you can enjoy your day! We travel and, as a result, are not limited to anywhere.

Finally, We are happy to come to you! So come see us for your business or writing needs.

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying...

"Tasha and Daniel are great, I had so many problems with other web designers, and they have done an excellent job... more than I expected... Definitely Recommend this company! She made a resume for me that had over 12 companies calling me that week, then told me to stick with my company, and it was the best decision I have made." -Pam Melia, Signs & Ship USA

"Tasha has been more than I could have asked for as a designer... She drives out to meet me personally, and explains everything to me as she does the work... She works with my budget and is really understanding if I need time to pay." -Kaine Marco, Beach Body Fitnez

"Love these guys! They drop what they are doing and handle my problem immediately. They are understanding and easy to work with. Definitely Recommend!" -Coach Chris Uzzi, Veteran's Listening Post

"Tasha is a great person. I have no understanding of computers, but knew my company needed a website, I didn't even have an email when I met her. She went through all the trouble of making an email, getting my domain, business filed, and website created. She then mailed this to me personally! She explains all the processes that she is doing, and makes it easy to understand for even me!" -Rich Mackey, Big Oak Tree Removal Service

Visit our Store For Domains, DIY Website Builders, SSL Certificates, and much more!


Small Business Ideas For 2016

Many people want to start their own businesses and be their own boss. It’s not as easy as most people think though and only certain business ideas can make it in the long run. Our economy has been running rough for close to ten years now and there’s just not much of a demand for […]

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Poetry Meaning

When You Have Nothing Else

When you have nothing else but love Look into their eyes and see That you fit even in winter like a warm glove And ignore others’ lies to live free   You can lay down and surrender As long as it is with someone who cares Collect the lies, the drama and return them to […]

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Important Active Business Report For August 2016

Small businesses are springing up everywhere. The elections have most business owners on edge. Tourist season for a lot of areas will soon start, and Donald Trump’s business was and bankruptcies. It is all here for you to see. The 2016 Stock Market January of 2016 started off bad for big companies like the Dow […]

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Pokemon Go!

Pokemon! The Hit New App Is Hitting Businesses Everywhere Okay so maybe you are not really a Pokemon fan, but you do not have to be. You can still use it to your advantage, and possibly get some new customers in the process! This works especially well if you have a poke stop at or […]

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Pregnant Women Drinking In New York

Okay, this is a controversial subject to say the least. I’m not trying to offend anyone but I’m also not going to sugar-coat this story. This ones about anti-discrimination going a little extreme. There was never a law stating that pregnant women couldn’t drink but now it’s not legal for a bartender to tell them […]

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How to Improve your Business Website

Top 10 ways to Improve your Business Website 10- Creating a Presence on Social Media Everyone is on social media now. There are so many consumers available at the click of a button, why wouldn’t you want to utilize this tool? Think of social media as a part of the body of your business, without […]

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Web Design, Here is a top 5 list for the trends for 2016 This list originally comes from Engage, but we here at Your Creative Fairy have tweaked it. The first up on our list is having a design that first focuses on content. If you want to have a successful web design, you first […]

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Top Tens #1 – Top 10 Creative Musical Albums

Introductions Are In Order Hello, and welcome to Your Creative Fairy Top Tens! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Daniel, the only other author with Your Creative Fairy currently. I’ll be doing one of these top tens weekly, purely for your entertainment, and mine. We all need a good read, or video […]

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Social Media 2016 For Businesses

What will happen with Social Media this year? Admit it. You are in several forms of social media. Today most people are on some form of social media. It is a great way to connect with other that may not be someone you could speak with otherwise. I remember meeting someone on Facebook that was […]

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Blogging and it’s importance for Business

Blogging, Why all Businesses Should have a blog You want customers… right? Well, how can you drive someone to your business that isn’t aware of it? You’re probably thinking, business cards, social media, and your website. While all of these are important, you’re missing a large market that impacts your company just as much. A […]

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My opinions on Web Design

Some thoughts when making your website When It comes to creating a website, most of the business owners have got it wrong and it’s not their fault because they have been heavily misled by other web design companies in the market seeking to extract maximum investment from new prospects” Informs owner of serphaus.com, He further […]

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Unprofessional-ism in Writing

There are a lot of unprofessional people in the world of writing. I have dealt with a lot of people who own businesses that are extremely unprofessional. They have no concept of the writing world and make assumptions that put the writer at a disadvantage making them feel insecure in their work. It leaves a […]

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The newest competition in Social Media Marketing

 Is Facebook losing its place on top? Social media hasn’t been around all that long; and we all knew that as technology became more and more advanced that there would be more competition in the market. Well, the day has finally come when there is something that can stand on its own to feet against […]

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Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

Things to know when you’re looking into resume writing. There is a ton of things you probably didn’t know about writing a resume. For example, did you know that before a person reads , that it has this that it has to pass a computer’s check first? I am sure you didn’t. The computer that checks this looks […]

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10 Social Media Marketing Strategy Dos and Don’ts

10 Social Media Marketing Strategy Dos and Don’ts Here is a list of  doing and don’t I have complied when it comes to social media marketing. I hope this helps you as you develop a strategy that works for you. Do’s Run a holiday campaign. All companies run campaigns for the holidays on social media. […]

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